ROHM הכריזה על מיקרו בקר מותאם לטעינת סוללות

פורסם ב-אוגוסט 25, 2016

חברת LAPIS Semiconductor הנמצאת בבעלות ROHM group, הכריזה על משפחת מיקרו-בקרים 16 סיביות חדשה, מדגם ML620130, בעיקר ליישומים תעשייתייים קומפקטיים הפועלים באמצעות סוללה

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חברת LAPIS Semiconductor הנמצאת בבעלות ROHM group, הכריזה על משפחת מיקרו-בקרים 16 סיביות חדשה, מדגם  ML620130, בעיקר ליישומים תעשייתייים קומפקטיים הפועלים באמצעות סוללה. 


In addition to clearing the ±30kV noise measurement limit, operating voltage has been successfully reduced to 1.6V. Optimizing the operating voltage to an integral multiple of standard nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH, 0.8V× 2=1.6V) ensures efficient use without wasting battery charge. This contributes to decreased battery consumption, prolonging battery life in portables and battery-equipped industrial equipment. The ML620130 family consists of 9 models offered in a variety of memory capacities, pin counts, and other characteristics that make it possible for users to select the ideal solution to fit set needs.

In recent years, the continued miniaturization of sensors, batteries, and power supplies has increased the demand for compact, low-cost modules (embedded substrates) that support a variety of applications and operating conditions. When considering different situations and usage methods there is a need to ensure stable operation under harsh environments (i.e. excessive noise, heat generation) while at the same time requiring improved performance such as greater communication diversification and generalization.

To provide increased miniaturization and lower costs, many applications are opting to eliminate noise and/or thermal countermeasures. However, this makes it difficult to balance the conflicting demands for increased environmental resistance while maintaining safety utilizing fewer external parts. In addition, reducing the size of the battery mounted in the module while also increasing battery life requires that the power consumption (voltage and current) be optimized for each application.

To meet these disparate needs, LAPIS Semiconductor has expanded its lineup of market-proven 16bit low power microcontrollers to include the ML620130 family of ‘tough‘ MCUs that incorporate multiple functions optimized for battery drive operation.

Key Features

  1. Optimized for ultra-low-voltage rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries

The minimum operating voltage has been decreased, from the conventional 1.8V to 1.6V. This extends the supply voltage detection range down to 1.63V (typ.) – very close to the voltage of 2 nickel metal hydride batteries (0.8V×2=1.6V) – reducing the number of charge cycles and memory effects while prolonging battery life.[1]


  1. Improves basic performance and reduces current consumption

16MHz CPU and 32MHz (PWM) peripheral clock operations increase performance by 2-fold over ROHM standard lineup of ‘tough’ MCUs, while operating current is reduced by more than 25%*.*Compared to typical published values

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