ON Semiconductor: כרטיס פיתוח ליישומי IoT

פורסם ב-ספטמבר 21, 2016

חברת ON Semiconductor פיתחה ביחד עם חברת RFMicron את ערכת הפיתוח ליישומי IoT מדגם SENSORRFGEVK

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חברת ON Semiconductor פיתחה ביחד עם חברת RFMicron את ערכת הפיתוח ליישומי IoT מדגם SENSORRFGEVK


הערכה מספקת בכרטיס אחד את עוצמת המיחשוב ומודולי התקשורת המיועדים לממש ולפרוש פתרונות חישה אלחוטיים נטולי סוללה במקומות בהם יש מצוקה של הספק ומרחב. הפלטפורמה מבוססת על העברת מירב פעולות העיבוד מהחיישן אל הענן.

Each IoT Platform Development Kit incorporates ON Semiconductor’s battery-free wireless sensor tags, which use RFMicron’s Magnus® S2 Sensor IC, and can perform temperature, moisture, pressure, or proximity sensing functions. The platform also features a UHF RFID reader module with 32 decibels-milliwatt (dBm) power rating and an 860 megahertz (MHz) to 960 MHz frequency range.

Localized data processing is performed by the ARM® Cortex-A8 based AM335x system-on-chip (SoC). The platform has the capacity to transfer captured data either wirelessly (via WLAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, UHF Gen 2, etc.) or using wireline infrastructure (via KNX, CAN, SPI, Ethernet. etc.). This development kit complements ON Semiconductor’s existing wireless sensor evaluation kit, SPS1M-EVK, which provides a set of tools test our sensor capabilities.

The platform also possesses an intuitive touch-enabled user interface, plus LEDs, headers and switches designed to enhance its configurability and expand its operational potential. The sophisticated accompanying software allows the platform to fit seamless into any supported network, serving as a dedicated node. Built-in application firmware will assist engineers in implementing more effective IoT-based data-acquisition/monitoring systems irrespective of their experience level.

The wireless sensor IoT Platform Development Kit, SensorRFGEVK, and the wireless evaluation kit, SPS1M-EVK, are immediately available directly from ON Semiconductor’s website or through all franchised distributors.

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