TI הכריזה על ממיר DC-DC חדש מדגם LM5165

פורסם ב-יוני 27, 2016

ממיר LM5165 של חברת TI, מצטיין בצריכת זרם נמוכה של 10.5uA standby IQ ועובד במתח של 65V

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ממיר LM5165 של חברת TI, מצטיין בצריכת זרם נמוכה של 10.5uA standby IQ ועובד במתח של 65V 

LM5165TI's 65V LM5165 and LM5165-Q1 are compact, easy-to-use, ultra-low IQsynchronous buck converters offering high efficiency over wide input voltage and load current ranges up to 150mA. The regulators delivers ultra-low standby IQ down to 10.5uA, a critical feature for 4-20mA field transmitter applications. It also provides 100% duty cycle operation to extend battery life while in standby mode.

Plus, dual mode operation (PFM and COT) offers increased flexibility across factory and process automation, building automation, battery powered and automotive applications. Offered in commercial grade and automotive AEC Q100 options.

Evaluation Module


The LM5165EVM-HD-C50X high density evaluation module (EVM) is designed to showcase the performance of the LM5165 high performance, exceptionally small, synchronous buck DC/DC buck converter with ultralow IQ. The module-style design is packaged in a miniature footprint with low component count.

It operates over a wide input voltage range of 3 V to 65 V to deliver a fixed 5-V output with better than 2% setpoint accuracy. Low-dropout performance whenever the input voltage decreases below the output voltage setpoint is available with 100% duty cycle conduction of the high-side MOSFET. By virtue of the LM5165's constant on-time (COT) control scheme and diode emulation, the no-load supply current is only 12 μA at 24-V input.

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