TI הכריזה על בקר DC/DC דו-כיווני לכלי רכב חשמליים

פורסם ב-מרץ 20, 2017

בקר LM5170-Q1 האנלוגי החדש מקשר סוללות 48-V וסוללות 12-V הפועלות בהספק של עד 500W לסוללה

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חברת טקסס אינסטרומנטס (Texas Instruments) הכריזה על רכיב בקרת זרם דו-כיווני עבור ממירי DC/DC המאפשר לקשר בין סוללות ברכב חשמלי. הבקר מקשר סוללות 48-V וסוללות 12-V הפועלות בהספק של עד 500W לסוללה. בקר LM5170-Q1 האנלוגי החדש החדש תוכנן באופן שיאפשר להקטין את מספר הרכיבים במערכות הבקרה הממונעות.

Hybrid electric vehicles use both a high-voltage 48-V battery and the standard 12-V automotive battery. Design engineers typically manage these dual battery systems using a digital control scheme, which includes multiple discrete components such as current-sense amplifiers, gate drivers and protection circuits. These full digital control schemes are bulky and expensive.

To solve this challenge while improving performance and system reliability, TI offers a mixed architecture in which the microcontroller handles higher-level intelligent management, and the highly integrated LM5170-Q1 analog controller provides the power conversion. Read the blog post, “Interconnecting automotive 48V and 12V rails in dual battery systems,” to learn how to overcome the challenges of designing a power supply for hybrid electric vehicles.

LM5170-Q1 key features:

  • Unique design for optimized system cost and performance: The LM5170-Q1’s average current-mode control method improves performance, simplifies implementation and reduces cost. Read the blog post, “Selecting a bidirectional converter control scheme,” to find out how TI’s average current-mode control method compares to conventional control schemes.
  • High accuracy: The controller’s 1 percent accurate bidirectional current regulation ensures precise power transfer.
  • Power efficient: The LM5170-Q1 achieves greater than 97 percent efficiency.
  • High precision: The controller monitors current with up to 99 percent accuracy.
  • High power: Integrated 5-A peak half-bridge gate drivers for high power capability.
  • Superior performance: Diode emulation mode of the synchronous rectifier MOSFETs prevents negative current and enhances light load efficiency.
  • Automotive quality: The LM5170-Q1 is AEC-Q100 qualified. Download the white paper “Driving the green revolution in transportation,” to learn how advanced electronics are increasing the automation, safety, comfort and convenience of electric vehicles.

Availability, packaging and pricing

Available in volume now through the TI store and authorized distributors, the LM5170-Q1 is offered in a 48-pin, 9-mm by 9-mm quad flat package (QFP) and priced at US$5.84 in 1,000-unit quantities. Order the LM5170EVM-BIDIR evaluation module, and download the PSpice transient model and LM5170-Q1 quick-start DC/DC synchronous buck converter design tool.

For more information, samples and an evaluation module, see www.ti.com/lm5170q1-pr-eu.

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